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Cary Wing is a visionary and leader with strong networking capabilities to unite the fitness and healthcare industries. Read on...

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Testimonial about Cary Wing by Margaret Moore



“I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Cary Wing for several years. Her passion, zest, and professional approach to business is inspiring! It is without reservation that I give her my full professional and personal recommendation. Bill Sonnemaker, MS, CEO, Catalyst Fitness

“Cary has a wide range of work and teaching experiences and years of working with "all" populations. She knows how to inspire people and organizations to make the best decisions on behalf of any organization. She is highly efficient and a natural leader in her field.” Suzanne M. Gray, Owner, Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness

“I had the pleasure to work with Cary on multiple programs and projects in my present and previous positions. She is a dynamic and capable leader who works tirelessly and effectively to achieve positive outcomes. Cary is a solid professional who strives to exceed expectations. I look forward to working with her again. And, I believe if you work with Cary, you will too.” D Mark Robertson, CEO, Coaches Choice | Healthy Learning

“Cary is one of the most results-oriented people I have ever worked with. She combined strong technical background with high managerial skills. She strongly contributed to the growth of the Medical Fitness Association. Moreover, she has a beautiful positive approach that definitely helps in any kind of business.” Fabrizio Cecchinelli, Solution Manager Health Corporate & Public, Technogym

“Cary has taken the Medical Fitness Association from a small organization to one of the biggest and well-respected health promotion membership bodies in the nation. Her dedication to MFA's growth may be the tipping point that brings exercise into the forefront of our healthcare system.” Eric Durak, President, Medical Health and Fitness

“Cary is an excellent leader and a 100% committed player when it comes to promoting health and preventing disease. She is a consummate professional with an enormous passion and commitment for creating health. I had the pleasure of getting to know Cary as the President of the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR). Cary always finds and creates a way to achieve success while engaging partners. It is my honor and great pleasure to provide a recommendation for Cary Wing.”  Jody Hereford, Former President, American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

“Cary always has fresh insights into the future direction of the health and wellness industry. She combines a broad and strategic perspective with a real appreciation for the importance of translating 'grand theory' into practical application.” Leslie Nolen, President, The Radial Group

“I have known and worked with Cary Wing for many years and she is one of the most professional, detail-oriented and personable people I have ever worked with. Cary is a leader in the medical fitness industry and is very well-known and respected. Under her leadership, the Medical Fitness Association grew and accomplished a great deal. She is a great writer, team leader and is able to juggle many, many projects at the same time. Cary has an engaging personality and is a joy to work with.” Sue Searls, Publisher/Conference Director, Athletic Business

“Cary is a distinguished medical fitness professional with many admirable and career-oriented qualities. I have seen Cary display her diplomacy talents in meetings, conference calls, and in controversial face-to-face meetings. She is extremely calm but shows her passion for her work. She is very detail oriented and knows how to lead a team. Cary has been a great business contact for me in the past, and I would be happy to recommend her within the medical fitness field.” Jason Jones, Former Director, LifeStyleRx, ValleyCare Health System

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