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Cary Wing is a visionary and leader with strong networking capabilities to unite the fitness and healthcare industries. Read on...

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Meet Cary

Cary Wing has extensive experience in the health and fitness industry. Not only does this experience include the medical fitness model and facility certification, in which she has achieved great success, but her achievements also reach a wealth of industry-related facility models, Image of a testimonial on behalf of Cary Winghaving spanned more than three decades. These include medically integrated fitness center startups and renovations. She has experience with hospital wellcare development and management; cardiac rehab management; physician and healthcare partnerships and the referral pathway, as well as personal training; health promotion and program development.

Cary is skilled in development of certification programs, standards and guidelines, and operating procedures. A visionary and leader, Cary's strong networking capabilities have enabled her to successfully unite the fitness and healthcare industries in numerous instances.

Dr. Wing provides a wide variety of services with regard to social media oversight, supporting organizations through development and management of pertinent platforms. Her book "101 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing in Health/Fitness Clubs" has become a widely used resource in the industry.

Cary Wing Specializes in:

  • Social media development and management;
  • Lifestyle medicine
  • Building relationships and creating networks;
  • Developing processes for outcome measurements;
  • Medical fitness project development and implementation;
  • Developing physician referral services and structured programs;
  • Facility certification and the medical fitness model;
  • Developing standards and guidelines;
  • Writing for national media and publications on health / wellness and the medical fitness model.

Visit her Services page to learn how she can help your business or organization.

Career Highlights:

  • Social Media Coordinator, Institute of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Media Relations Manager, True Health Initiative
  • Associate Editor, ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal 
  • Operations Manager, Virginia Boat Club
  • Executive Director at Medical Fitness Association (MFA)
  • Member, Industry Advisory Panel at American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Committee Member on Accreditation for the Exercise Sciences (CoAES)
  • Director at Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center 
  • Director Rehab & Wellness and Director Women's Wellness Center at Osceola Regional Medical Center